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Digital Electronic Truck Scale

Digital Electronic Truck Scale



MCS series electronic truck scales are MacWeigh’s new generation products,
developed by our own advanced technology; they have been through long period of overloading test.

The main beam is sturdy U-type structure, weighing platform panel uses steel plate Q235 to
make the sealed box-type structure, which efficiently enhanced the strength of weighing platform.

During welding process, unique fixture, precise space-orientation-measurement-technology and
advanced welding technology are employed, effectively guarantee the flatness of such a large
weighing platform, geometrical size, as well as welding stress’s reasonable distribution.



The weighing platform is designed to modularization, standardization and systemization, makes
the availability of freely forming different specifications. The truck scales choose high-precision
double-shear-beam loadcells or column loadcells, are equipped with top-quality weighing indicator,
with multi- functions, rich storage function as well as strong storage battery, use high-accuracy,
low temperature drift and strong anti-interference stainless steel junction box, as well as signal
shielded cable, to make the whole system will run reliably.


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Functions and Features
Modularization, digitization, standardization, serialization, and multi-unit combination
Automatic reset force-transmission system
Matched with various indicators
Show gross weight, net weight, tare
Show dynamic, underload and overload state
Figure filtering, zero clear automatically
Tare , tare clear automatically
Set keyboard, calibrate keyboard
Vehicle No, tare storage, itemized accumulation, total accumulation
Data output / print automatically



Industrial Scale
Thanks to excellent measuring system, high accuracy, long-term stability,easiness to install and maintain, MacWeigh’s truck scales are widely applied in factories, goods yards, warehouses, ports, workshops, grain store, purchasing station,etc., to measure in-out materials, stock, to monitor the production as well manage the data.
What’s more, they are suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, food, logistics, and other
industries, it is good choice for kinds of vehicles’ weighing, such as lorries, trailers,
semi-trailers, containers, dump trucks, agricultural vehicles, and other overloading vehicles.


Technical Data
Product Model MCS-20 MCS-30 MCS-50 MCS-60 MCS-80 MCS-100 MCS-120 MCS-150
Max weighing capacity (t) 20 30 50 60 80 100 120 150
Division value (kg) 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 50
Loadcell capacity (t) 10 20 20 20 30 30 30 40
Platform size: W×L(m) Specification for choice